Thankful Homemaker: A Christian Homemaking Podcast​

My goal at the Thankful Homemaker podcast is to be an encouragement and blessing to you in the role that the Lord has called us to as women, wives, and mothers.

We will talk about how God’s Word impacts every area of our lives as Christian women.


Listen on your favorite device at your convenience:

Podcast episodes will go live each Wednesday morning.

Podcast Show Notes

What is the Best Use of Our Time?

 How do we determine what is the best use of our time? We know amid the mundaneness of our days, the work the Lord has given us in our homes matters for eternity. God has a purpose in all things. There is no ... continue reading...

Gently Correcting Our Children

We are called in Ephesians 4:29 to respond with words that give grace, encourage, and build up. This includes those hard moments when our kids are sinfully disobedient. You can read the post below or listen in to the ... continue reading...