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Leaving a Legacy to Our Daughters

Leaving a Legacy to Our Daughters


“Passing on the torch of womanhood is so much more than teaching sewing or flower arranging (and these skills are no prerequisite for femininity). To me, passing on the heritage of femininity is most of all a process of teaching values–caring for ourselves and others, shaping a godly and welcoming atmosphere in our homes and our lives, working hard to affirm life, making the spirit of loveliness a priority.

The time we spend teaching our daughters–biological and spiritual–about the joys and responsibilities of womanhood will provide benefits for generations to come. And we teach best by what we are, not by what we say. (emphasis mine)

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That’s why I pray, “Lord, may the love of Christ permeate my heart and life and spread its gentle fragrance into the lives and hearts of those I meet each day. May the gentle but strong spirit of femininity in my life add beauty and meaning to generations to come.”

~ Above excerpt from The Heart of Loveliness: Celebrating the Joy of Being a Woman by Emilie Barnes

“We cannot make something where nothing existed–whether it be a poem, a house, or a painting–without breathing life into it so that it may itself breathe.”
~ Elizabeth O’Connor