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Homemaking 101 Series: My Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Tasks


I'm just sharing today in a simple list format my home keeping tasks broken down into daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annual and annual tasks. #cleaningschedule #homemaking @mferrell

I always appreciate being able to look at examples of my home keeping tasks. I’m just sharing today in a simple list format my home-keeping tasks broken down into daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annual and annual tasks. 

Weekly Cleaning Schedule Free PDF @mferrell


It isn’t meant for you to follow task-for-task but to ponder your home and what are important home-keeping tasks for your home and family.  I don’t get to all this every week, month, year, etc. but it serves as a guide. I am most consistent with my Morning and Evening Routines. They have also become habits and just happen without thinking about it.

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Every day doesn’t go as planned and the Lord may have other plans for me other than cleaning my kitchen or family room, but I can usually get a few items tidied and taken care of in each room. I focus on what needs the most time and attention. If you don’t get to anything else, at least try to tidy the room for the day (quick feather dust and vacuum make a big difference too). I used to zone clean but just spending an hour a day in each room has been a lot easier for me. This is a great time to train your children to help with chores around the house. They are great dusters, vacuumers, organizers & scrubbers!

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Daily Tasks: (Consists of my Morning and Evening Routine)

Morning Routine:
Quiet Time
Tidy Bathroom
Make Bed
Laundry Started
Dishwasher Emptied
Check Calendar/To-Do List for the Day
Clutter spots tidied (usually my kitchen desk – hopefully I did it the night before)
What’s for Dinner  – Download a Free PDF Weekly Menu Planning Schedule here
Email Checked/Update Facebook Page for the day

Evening Routine:
Tidy House (10 minute quick tidy – check clutter areas)
Kitchen Tidied/Run Dishwasher
Put out Fresh Dishtowel
To-Do List for Tomorrow
Clothes Laid Out for Tomorrow

Menu Planning Made Easy Online Course @mferrell

Weekly Schedule:

Sunday: Church, Menu Plan & Family Calendar Review

Monday: Grocery Shop, Weekly Home Blessing, Bedrooms Cleaned

Tuesday: Clean Kitchen and Tidy Pantry, Clean Laundry/Mud Room

Wednesday: Clean Office, Clean Full Baths, Pay Bills, Filing & Correspondence

Thursday: Clean Family & Living Room, Clean Half Bath

Friday: Clean Basement, Iron, Clean Purse, Planner Work

Saturday: Yard Work, Family Day & Prepare for Church

Monthly Tasks:
Vacuum Lampshades
Dust Ceiling Fans
Baseboards (Favorite tool for baseboards)
Vacuum carpet edges
Clean Garbage Cans
Wipe Cabinet Doors
Dust Light Fixtures
Wipe Switch Plates
Wipe Door Handles
Organize Kitchen Desk
Tidy One Drawer or Closet

Semi-Annual Tasks:
Clean Dishwasher
Clean Washing Machine
Dust Ceiling Fans
Turn Mattress & Vacuum
Move Bedroom Furniture and Vacuum Under
Move Kitchen/Laundry Room Appliances and clean behind
Wash Windows
Window Treatments Dusted/Cleaned

Yearly Tasks:
Organize Closets
Medicine Cabinet Cleaned Out
Clean Carpets
Clean Basement Storage Room (usually I do this when we are putting Christmas Decorations away)
Garage Cleaned
Organize Files/Taxes Ready – (My Simple Home Filing System)
Touch up Paint inside and outside where needed
Remove and clean floor heat vents

Free Weekly Menu Planning PDF @mferrell





  1. NewMrsAdventures says:

    I really love your ideas here and appreciate you listing it out! I love seeing how other people run their homes and do life and getting bits of inspirations. You’ve given me some great ideas here and I really appreciate it!

  2. Melissa French - The More With Less Mom says:

    I like how you list everything out. I used to have printed list and I seem to do better when I have one. Of course, then sometimes I get stuck trying to get my checklist “done” instead of doing what is important. I found you through the Homestead Barn Hop.

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