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My Favorite Cleaning Products & Tools

Inside: Having the right tools makes any job easier and especially when it comes to the care of our homes. I’m sharing some of my favorite cleaning tools and products that have helped to simplify my homekeeping.

Having the right tools makes any job easier and especially when it comes to the care of our homes. I'm sharing some of my favorite cleaning tools and products that have helped to simplify my homekeeping.

I have learned over the years that having the right tools makes any job easier. This is certainly true within our homes. We utilize many tools to clean our homes, and having the right one for the job can make the task so much more efficient.

I have gone back and forth over the years, from natural homemade cleaners to store-bought natural to a mix of both. This list below is a mix of both and where I’ve seemed to settle in this current season of my life.

I do keep cleaning supplies stocked under every bathroom sink and the kitchen sink. This makes it so easy to clean a room when you walk in it, and everything is on hand. I have a cleaning cupboard for extra supplies, and it’s where I store my wood cleaner, rages, mop, vacuum, etc.

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Please note that this post may contain affiliate links. Although they won’t impact your pricing, they do help us earn a commission. Please know that most of the items I’ve listed you can probably find locally too. The links are so you can see and read more about the products I’m sharing with you. If you want to visit my Amazon Storefront with all my favorite household items you can do that here.

The list is divided into sections below: My General All-Purpose Items, Kitchen, Bathroom, and Laundry, and some honorable mentions.

My General All-Purpose Items:

I’m starting with my all-time favorite arsenal in my cleaning toolbox, and it’s my mop. The Sh-Mop (there are knockoffs out there, and they may do just as well, but I’m linking to the one I’ve had for years) works great on all floors. You simply wet and ring out the terry cloth or microfiber head and spritz cleaner either on the floor or bottom of the mop and mop away! I keep quite a few terry cloth heads on hand to switch them out quickly as I’m cleaning.

The Swiffer product line is a staple in my home, and the Swiffer duster gets used quite often. I do still use my Feather Duster and Lambswool Duster (see more info below), but Swiffer dusters seem to be a favorite still.

Feather Dusters are so handy for that quick tidy and usually are part of My Weekly Home Blessing.

I’m going to stick on dusting here a bit and add my Lambswool Duster. I love this for high and low corners and lampshades, and picture frames.

For furniture dusting, many times, I’m just using my favorite microfiber rags, but I do love a good cleaner, and Fuller Brush Duster Spray has become my top pick.

I’ve determined you can never have enough microfiber rags on hand. My hubby and share a stash, and they’re cheap enough just to toss when they’re pretty worn and ragged. I don’t like how they dry my hands out when cleaning, so occasionally, you may find me wearing gloves when using them.

We have wood floors in our home and tile, and my wood floor finishing company recommended ProCare Citrus Floor Cleaner for both. I love the ease of it and that I don’t have to have two different products on hand. This is the cleaner I use with my Sh-Mop.

My dusting attachment on my vacuum is used quite frequently for baseboards, but nothing does such a great job with ease as this Counter Duster.

For windows, I have two options that depend on my mood and which one I might choose. My Window Cleaning Rags are little miracles, and I’ll never fully understand how they work, but I’m still a bit old school and still find myself grabbing for a conventional window cleaner for bathroom mirrors or the front storm door glass. When I use the Window Cleaning Rags, I first clean the window with water and a microfiber cloth, then go over it with the window cleaning rag.

I’ve already shared Swiffer products are a favorite, and I do like them, especially for a quick clean-up in my bathrooms. I use the dry cloth for a quick sweep up and then go over with the wet cloths.

This general section isn’t complete without a mention of the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Whenever in doubt about how to get clean a certain spot or stain, I grab that magic eraser, and it works its magic!

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Favorite Kitchen Cleaners:

Hands down, my favorite sink cleaners (yes, I have two) are either Bon Ami or Bar Keepers Friend. I’ve used them both over the years for stainless steel sinks, Corian, and now I have a Blanco kitchen sink.

Dishwashing liquid choices are endless, and I’ve seemed to settle in with Mrs. Meyer. I either purchase it when I place a Grove order, or I can usually find it at my local Meijer’s.

Dishcloths to wipe down counters and tables have been a struggle for me to find ones I really loved. Well, coming across these Skoy cloths changed that for me. They wring out wonderfully, clean easily (I usually toss mine in the dishwasher occasionally), or they machine wash too. After they’ve been well used, I do toss them and start with a fresh one.

When it comes to hand washing dishes, I’m a Scotch-Brite sponge girl. We used these in my home growing up, and I’ve just stuck with them. I usually buy them in bulk at my local Costco.

I appreciate great-smelling products, and one of my favorite countertop cleaners is from Caldrea.

If you have a dishwasher, you know, it can need a bit of help sometimes and a good cleaning on the inside. I do use the help of a cleaning tablet, and then I just give it a good wipe down and read how to clean the filter for my brand properly.

Along with the dishwasher needing a bit of help, so can the garbage disposal. These tablets make it super simple to keep it smelling great! Make sure to clean the gasket well too.

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Favorite Bathroom Cleaners:

Let’s just start with the dreaded toilet. I have a few top toilet bowl cleaners. One is for general use, and one is when there are hard water stains to remove. I also have a product that I appreciate for a quick clean when company is coming over from Fuller Brush Company, and they are these drop-in tablets. You give the toilet a flush, drop one in and let it sit ten minutes before swishing with a toilet brush. It freshens it up in an instant!

A good toilet brush is a necessity. I’ve had many over the years, but this one has been around for several years, and I’m pretty happy with it.

Method cleaning products work well for me, and I’ve used their Tub & Tile cleaner for years. I keep two bottles in my bathroom, one for the sink and counter tub areas and I keep one in the shower. I use my Scotch-Brite sponges to clean both areas too.

It helps to keep a good squeegee in your shower to wipe it down after each use. Train the family to use it if they’re the last ones to shower in the morning.

I still keep a good disinfectant spray on hand to wipe down counters and fixtures in between deep cleaning. I usually use a microfiber rag, but sometimes for a quick clean, I’ll use paper towels.

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Laundry Favorites:

I have two favorite detergents one I use for sheets, towels, and delicates and the other for everyday clothing.

Right after detergent comes stain removal, and I do have several products I use. Nature’s Miracle is pretty amazing for laundry stains, I do appreciate the Laundress products, and the one for permanent marker and ink removal is amazing and a must to keep on hand!

Since we’re on stain removal, don’t forget to have a laundry brush handy for those set-in or hard-to-remove stains.

Wool dryer balls have been a huge time saver in drying time.

Shout color catchers are good insurance to make sure colors don’t accidentally bleed.

Keeping your appliances in good working order is essential, and here are two of the tools I keep on hand to keep my dryer lint build-up under control.

I have a front-loading washing machine, so I do take the time to keep it clean, and struggled with how to keep the door open to air it out without it getting in the way. Here are a few items below that have been a help to me.

A few miscellaneous items I keep on hand are laundry bags for delicate items and Fels Naptha soap for grease stains.

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Honorable Mentions:

I appreciate having these pumice stones on hand for tough stains in the toilet bowl. They won’t scratch the bowl.

With all the electronics we have in our homes today, dusting them can become an issue, and I’ve appreciated products like this to make it super simple.

From scrubbing tile grout to patio door tracks, these are helpful little tools to have on hand.

Good dishtowels are hard to find, and I’ve appreciated these microfiber ones.

Sometimes mildew just happens, and this cleaner knocks it out.

Last on the list is Fresh Wave; it’s become my top odor remover. It just leaves a fresh scent.

I believe that a godly home is a foretaste of heaven. Our homes, imperfect as they are, must be a haven from the chaos outside. They should be a reflection of our eternal home, where troubled souls find peace, weary hearts find rest, hungry bodies find refreshment, lonely pilgrims find communion, and wounded spirits find compassion.

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What are some of your favorite cleaning supplies?

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