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EP 16: Simplify Your Housekeeping with a Cleaning Schedule

One of the most fundamental ways to manage our homes well is to take the time to plan. Planning is merely deciding in advance the what, why, and how things will be done even cleaning. #cleaning #housecleaning #cleaningschedule #christianhomemaking @mferrell


One of the most fundamental ways to manage our homes well is to take the time to plan. Planning is merely deciding in advance the what, why, and how things will be done even cleaning. Ladies the time it takes to put together a plan for the care and upkeep of your home is well worth your time and energy. You know the saying that sorta goes like this – “Many women plan to fail because they fail to plan.”

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On the other side of that, we can do so much planning and never get to the action part. I love to sit and plan – cleaning would not be my favorite – I say that but it really is getting started, and once I get moving on it I enjoy it because of the instant results you see from it.

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I want to remind you here this is a method or methods – I’m sharing three that I use at various times and seasons in my life – that work well for me and my personality. I’m not a naturally organized person and actually can be quite messy. My friends would not say this about me because when they come over, they see a neat and tidy home. I have to work hard to go against the bent of my natural personality in this area. I have trained myself to become a tidy home keeper – not perfect but neat and orderly. I still have my certain drawers and areas that I need to continue to declutter and organize, but overall I have worked to make my home easy to clean and keep orderly.

I desire my home to be a haven for my family. I also don’t want to spend all my time and energy just cleaning my house. I desire to give my family and other relationships my time, so I’ve learned to manage my home well, so it doesn’t control me and take up all my time. I also appreciate having a house ready to offer hospitality and fellowship to others at a moment’s notice.

Housekeeping isn’t about perfection it’s about keeping your home in working order. Click to Tweet

My point I’m trying to make here is that my cleaning method or methods may not work for you, but I want you as you listen to me today ponder what type of cleaning schedule – if you don’t have one already- would help you to care and manage your home.

God is not more pleased with you because you have a neat and tidy home. God is pleased with you because His perfect Son Jesus Christ lives in you. My success and worth aren’t found in being a perfect wife and homemaker but my worth is found in Jesus who is continuing to transform me more and more into His likeness through all my weaknesses and failures.


Weekly Cleaning Schedule Free PDF @mferrell

Show Notes:

My Zone Breakdown Each Week:
Zone 1 – Foyer, dining room, front porch
Zone 2 – Kitchen, pantry, laundry room/mudroom
Zone 3 – Bathrooms, kids bedrooms, guest bedroom, and office
Zone 4 – Master bedroom & bathroom, basement
Zone 5 – Living room and family room

The next method I use is to spend about 30 minutes to an hour in various areas of my home each day of the week. It’s really taking those zones and working in them little by little each day. I have a post on this one called my Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Tasks on the blog.

So my current weekly schedule is:

Sunday: Church, Menu Plan & Family Calendar Review

Monday: Grocery Shop, Weekly Home Blessing, Bedrooms Cleaned

Tuesday: Clean Kitchen and Tidy Pantry, Clean Laundry/Mud Room

Wednesday: Clean Office, Clean Full Baths, Pay Bills, Filing & Correspondence

Thursday: Clean Family & Living Room, Clean Half Bath

Friday: Clean Basement, Iron, Clean Purse, Planner Work

Saturday: Yard Work, Family Day & Prepare for Church

My biggest tip – before you leave a room give it a two minute tidy (put things away, fold blankets, fluff pillows, tidy books – you get the idea).

And my last current at the moment cleaning method is “If it bothers you clean it.” If you notice the light fixture in your bathroom is dusty. Clean it if it bothers you. Fingerprints on the light switch plate. Take care of it. Wet paw prints in the foyer, wipe them up. Did you empty the garbage can and the can looks a little nasty, clean it. Can you write your name in the dust on the coffee table, dust it. Most of these tasks take five minutes but it is still keeping you moving forward in taking care of your home.

Housekeeping isn’t about perfection it’s about keeping your home in working order.

Weekly Home Blessing List:
1. Toss old magazines and catalogs (I have a basket in my bedroom and family room)
2. Change bed sheets if needed. (this has become more biweekly for me- hope it doesn’t gross anyone out but we shower daily so it’s not like the old days where they took a bath once a week!
3. Empty all trash cans in the house – great kid chore
4. Feather dust all rooms – kids do their own
5. Vacuum all rooms – again kids old enough do their own
6. Mop kitchen, foyer, and half bath floors
7. Clean my front door glass and tidy my entry area



What’s In My Binder: 

Morning Routine List
Evening Routine List
Zone Cleaning Schedule
Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Schedules
Zone Cleaning Lists Detailed for Each Room
Weekly Home Blessing List
Menu Planning


The Christian Homemaker’s Handbook by Dorothy Kelley Patterson & Pat Ennis

Recommended Cleaning Items:


Norwex Window Rags – (A better deal if you can find a Norwex consultant to purchase from)

Microfiber Cleaning Rags

Skoy Cleaning Cloths – these are a staple in my home to wipe down tables and countertops

Swiffer Sweeper Kit  – I only use the dry Swiffer’s and I’m linking to this as an example. I’d recommend buying them locally.

Swiffer 360 Dusters – I love the extension handle for getting those high corner cobweb, cleaning ceiling fan blades, and other high to reach places. Again, just linking as an example, I’d buy locally.



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  2. Candice Bonner says:

    We do our sheets every other week too! Since we shower at night we are not dirty when we go to bed. When I can remember we change the pillowcases on the off week.

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