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A New Resource for Sharing the Gospel with Dale Partridge from MailtheGospel.org

Mail the Gospel

Friends, I had the opportunity to sit with Dale Partridge and talk about his new Gospel project, MailtheGospel.org, which helps us share the gospel with anyone anywhere.

The video below was from our time on Instagram Live, and we discussed why Christians don’t share the gospel, getting equipped to share the gospel and how MailtheGospel.org can be a sweet addition – not a replacement – to your evangelism. 



The Manliness of Christ by Dale Partridge

Dale Partridge on Instagram


  1. Hi,
    On getting online to MailTheGospel.
    It’s not working out for me.
    I live in Australia and would love to send to my dad who also lives in Australia.
    Is it just for America?

    Many thanks and blessings
    Janine Clark 🙏🏼🌼

    1. Marci Ferrell says:

      Janine so sorry for my late reply – it’s not available yet in Australia but will be soon. Keep checking back every few weeks and if I notice it I’ll shoot you a note here too. It’s such a great resource!

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