How I Got Over a Cold in Two Days

Yep, I’m serious – two days.  My colds usually linger forever – well okay, maybe a week but it feels like forever.  This time I was determined to be consistent in helping my body’s immune system to kick in and fight this cold off asap.  Most times when I’m sick I get lazy and tired and don’t keep up with my supplements and healthy eating so the illness lingers.

I determined what would be to my benefit and to make sure I was taking regularly throughout the day.

I drank plenty of water, went to bed early and stayed away from sugar.

My simple daily agenda in fighting off my cold:

1.  Took Emergen C packets three times a day.

2.  Made homemade chicken broth.

3.  Took Elderberry syrup three times a day

4.  Drank two glasses of water and Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) (8 ounces water to 1 teaspoon ACV)

5.  Diffused Oregano Oil in the house.

6.  Took Acidophilus Blast Probiotic Blend daily

7.  Took my daily multivitamin – Supermom






(I am not a doctor, just a mom who enjoys experimenting with natural remedies to deal with our family’s ailments.  This post is not meant to replace medical advice – please seek your doctor for any medical concerns.)