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6 Simple Steps to Planning Ahead for the Lord’s Day

Inside: A list of six simple tips to help you prepare for Sunday morning worship with your church family.

As Christians, Sunday should be the most important day of the week. @mferrell

It does amaze me how we can attend all the various activities during the week with our families and not miss one, but when it comes to attending church on Sunday mornings, how often we don’t attend because we’re too tired, or let other activities take priority over this special time, we should have set aside to worship with the family of God.

What is the example we are setting for our children? What we prioritize in life shows what is most important to us in this life.

As Christians, Sunday should be the most important day of the week. Click to Tweet

We sometimes tend to view our weekends selfishly – time to relax or sleep in. As Christians, Sunday should be the most important day of the week.  We should try as much as possible to schedule activities, vacations, work, and other appointments around church attendance.

Listen in to EP 32 for more tips on Preparing Your Family for Sunday Morning Worship:

Here’s a list of ideas to get you prepared for Sunday mornings:

1. Try to be home on Saturday evenings. Plan ahead to get a good night’s rest and not be up late. It is not very respectful to be nodding off during the sermon. Your pastor put in an average of 25-30 hours in preparing the sermon – just a fact from a preacher’s wife for you to remember. You should be ready to give the Lord and your Pastor an hour of undivided attention. You will benefit spiritually, and so will your family.

2. Take the time to get everything you need for church Sunday morning ready the night before. We have food every week at church, so this is part of my weekly meal plan. Pack your church bag, lay out clothes, plan breakfast, etc.

3. Eat a good breakfast so you don’t have tummy grumblings during church.

4. Mama, your attitude can set the tone for the morning. Is it one of worship as you are getting ready to go to church to serve the family of God? Do you grumble about serving the body? Do you complain about others at church? Are you rushed and short with family members because of your lack of preparation the night before?

5. Try to arrive at church early so you have time to get your family settled before the service starts. This gives you time to take littles to the bathroom, have everyone get ready with their bibles and notebooks, and gives you a moment to quiet your heart before the Lord before the service starts.

6. Take the time during the sermon to ponder questions you can discuss as a family after the service on the way home or later that day.

What are some ways you plan for the Lord’s Day?

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  1. We started out with twin boys and then after 7 years added another 3 little girls ???? we have lots of hair to brush and do and lots of dresses, shoes, shirts and suits to get everyone dressed into every Sunday plus all the stuff to take like water bottles, Sunday school bags, briefcases, hats etc and to get it all and everyone into the car and all in one piece…. it can be a madhouse!!

    OR …. IF we plan ahead and pack the car the night before and have all the boys shirts & suits and girls dresses ready the night before complete with shoes, belts, ties and hats all out ready to go and the girls bathed and dressed in the shirts and leggings they will wear under their dress with hair washed and brushed and braided the night before… the morning goes a LOT smoother ???? they can get up and have breakfast and brush teeth and quickly dress without all the “where is my such and such.. ” the bigger ones help the smaller ones and it all saves mummy heaps of stress ????????
    We have been married almost 23 years and have had kids for 21 years and it is ALWAYS better when we get ready the night before !! ????????????

    1. Marci Ferrell says:

      Galia – you had it well organized my friend. I love that you had the girls wearing some of their outfits to bed and their hair braided before bed – a great time saver for all the littles you had to get out the door Sunday morning. It is such a blessing to not be rushed and in chaos on Sunday mornings. Thanks for the great tips!

  2. Love this! With two littles, any advice to get more out of a service or make getting there less stressful is great!

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