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Daily Schedules


We have already taken a look at our Morning and Evening Routines and our Weekly Schedules. The next page in my Homekeeping Binder is my daily schedule sheet. This just gives me some help to accomplish what needs to be taken care of in a week to keep our home and family life running without chaos. Every evening as I am putting my to do list together for tomorrow I take a look at the daily schedule for the day and use it to aid me in my list of what needs to be taken care of. If you plugged your weekly schedule into the calendar already you have pretty much put together a daily schedule. As I am putting this binder together usually I just use Word to type my lists into – it is nothing fancy but literally just a list.

Here is an example of what my daily list looks like:

Morning Routine
Weekly Home Blessing Day (This is a Flylady favorite of mine)
– Toss magazines
– Change bed sheets
– Empty trash cans
– Feather dust all rooms
– Vacuum all rooms
– Mop kitchen and main bathroom floor
– Clean glass on front and back doors
Work in Zone for 30 minutes (zones will be the next post)
Grocery shopping
Dinner/dessert for bible study group
Evening Routine

Morning routine
Clean fridge
Vacuum basement
Office work
Home business work
Nutrition class work
Bible study work
Work 30 minutes in current zone
Evening routine

Morning routine
Garbage day
Office work finished for week/bills paid
Write correspondence (thank you’s, cards to mail)
1 hour in current zone
Nutrition class work
Evening routine

Morning routine
Home and work filing
Reconcile bank statements for home, work and church if necessary
Check pet food necessities
1 hour in current zone
Recycling together
Organize email folders (15 minutes)
27 fling (Flylady fun one – grab a bag and gather 27 items from your house that you need to throw or giveaway – size does not matter)
Evening routine

Morning routine
Tidy and vacuum house
Clean out purse
Tidy inside of car
Clean laundry room/iron
Misc errands
Finish work in Zone of the week
Family night
Evening routine

Morning routine
Clean bedrooms
Clean upstairs bathrooms
Straighten mudroom
Spend time organizing one drawer/closet
Church snack/meal ready
Evening routine

Morning routine
Lord’s day
No chores except necessities
Menu planning for the week
Review family calendars together
Family time
Evening routine

This would be the next page in your binder. so far your Homekeeping Binder has the following pages:

1. Morning routine
2. Evening routine
3. Weekly schedule
4. Daily schedule

I keep my pages in sheet protectors and this comes in handy when you get to the Zone pages. You are able to mark off the list with a dry erase marker to see what you have accomplished without rewriting it every time. I still use a family wall calendar and write out a daily to do list in the evening on an index card. I list on my index card phone calls and errands along with daily chores. Don’t forget to delegate and take the time to train your children in properly handling chores and daily schedules. This is necessary in teaching them responsiblity and servant hood. Your young girls can start their own homekeeping binder now that they will have to take with them when they leave to mangage their own homes.

Let me know your ideas for cleaning and how you manage your schedule.



  1. Thank you for sharing your schedule. Even though everyone’s will vary according to their family’s needs, seeing others gives us new ideas of what we might change on ours.

  2. Thank you, thank you, for taking the time to do posts on homemaking. I’m sure it will be an encouragement to many new and older (oops!!;-) moms. The other day I needed to find my dog’s rabies tag and my husband looked on in shock while (for once)I found it quickly…right in my binder. I am notorious for having difficulty finding paperwork.

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  4. I love your blog. I just found it. I’m trying to see if a homemaking binder is for me. Thank you! God Bless. I love your posts regarding keeping the home.

  5. You acomplish lots of things!!!! A new follower.

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