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My Homemaking Binder Layout & Detailed Cleaning Checklists for Kitchen, Pantry & Laundry Room

My Homemaking Binder & Detailed Cleaning Checklists for Kitchen, Pantry & Laundry/Mudroom

When I wrote the post: How to Teach Your Daughter to Clean a Home,  I had several requests for my cleaning checklists. Over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to share my detailed lists with you broken down into room categories. They are set up this way in my Homemaking Binder for when I do my Zone Cleaning. 

My “Zone” (as Flylady calls it) for the week, is where I do more detailed cleaning in those rooms. My house is divided into 5 Zones. I would do my Weekly Home Blessing on Monday and then throughout the week clean a bit deeper in the rooms for the Zone that week.

My Zone Breakdown Each Week:

Zone 1 – Foyer, dining room, front porch

Zone 2 – Kitchen, pantry, laundry room/mudroom

Zone 3 – Bathrooms, kids rooms, guest room, and office

Zone 4 – Master bedroom & bathroom, basement

Zone 5 – Living room and family room

Not everything on the list gets done (before you look below and panic ;)). I just type up my sheets as a Word Document, print them, put them in sheet protectors, and keep them in a binder. When it is Zone 2 (as this detailed cleaning list is below). I can easily open my binder and as I do my planning for the week, schedule in these areas in these rooms I would like to tackle this week.

When I Zone clean I find I don’t really have any marathon spring or deep cleaning to do because it is done a little bit at a time throughout the year so my home cleaning never overwhelms me.

The first thing I do in those rooms on Monday is decluttering. This makes the rest of the tasks so much easier. From there I determine what is most important that needs to be done for the week.

Your children are great helpers. If you put together a Homemaking Binder take the time to teach your children how to use it.

My Binder is simple and easy to update changes since they are Word Documents saved on my computer. This binder has served me well for over 15 years with minor tweaking during various seasons of my life.

What’s In My Binder:

Morning Routine List

Evening Routine List

Zone Cleaning Schedule

Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Schedules

Zone Lists Detailed for Each Room

Weekly Home Blessing List

5 Minute Chore List

Kids Chore List – I used this list to put together Chore Packs for when my kids were young. (I will share this list in a future post too)

I also keep old menu plans in the back pocket of the binder for quick menu planning when I don’t have a lot of time that week to sit and plan.

Homemaking Binder

Detailed Cleaning Lists for Zone 2:

You can divide your zones however you want and I picked this zone first because it was on the kitchen list. Everyone loves a clean kitchen! Look through the list to get ideas on what needs to be done in your home. Every home is different and our priorities on how and what to clean are different too.

If you are going to make a binder for yourself I recommend giving each Zone its own sheet. My Zone 2 is on one sheet in my binder and with the sheet protector I can check off the items I took care of the week I spent in it so I know what didn’t get done the next time this Zone comes up.

You can just copy and paste the list below into a Word document and format it so it fits on one page. If that is a bit tricky you can always do it the old-fashioned way and manually type the list in. Your list may differ from mine depending on your home so customize it for your house. Use mine for ideas on what needs cleaned but make it your own. Print the zone page out, pop it in a sheet protector and add it to your binder.

You can also find updated lists to print out in my Ultimate Homemaking Binder here


Straighten and clean refrigerator

Clean microwave inside and out

Clean oven and cooktop

Wash all items on countertop/use dishwasher for items if needed

Wipe fingerprints off walls/clean switch plates

Wash inside windows/patio doors

Polish cabinets

Clean out china cabinet/dust thoroughly

Wipe down kitchen table and chairs

Clean pet dishes and wash mat/rug

Feather dust kitchen light fixtures

Clean up kitchen desk area. Tidy the top of the desk and clean out a drawer or shelf

Wash countertops – remove everything and scrub down

Vacuum rugs and floor

Dust baseboards and wash around baseboards

Mop floor

Straighten under the sink and clean garbage can



Wipe windowsill and clean window inside

Dust bookcase and straighten

Declutter any items not needed

Feather dust light fixture

Straighten pantry shelves

Clean recycling can

Dust baseboards

Vacuum floor

Wash floor

Clean pantry door

Wipe off switch plate

Laundry Room/Mudroom:

Clean patio door and vacuum curtain

Clean French Door glass and dust all entry doors

Polish cabinets and lockers

Scrub sink

Wipe down all counters

Straighten the mudroom closet

Wash the dog bed blankets and straighten cages

Wipe down washer and dryer

Straighten laundry room cupboard

Wipe down laundry basket shelves

Change cat litter and wash the rug

Clean the cat food bowls

Wipe down baseboards

Vacuum rugs and floors

Wash floor

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