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Encouraging Your Pastor

October is Pastor Appreciation Month and I’d like to share a few articles and thoughts that will be a help to our families in being an encouragement to the men who share the Word of God with us and lead us in the truths of His Word.

Some simple ways to be an encouragement:

1. Pray for them regularly.
2. Send them an encouraging note or give them an uplifting phone call to let them know you appreciate them.
3. Support them in their leadership role.
4. Take concerns or complaints directly to them – Talk to them not about them.
5. Show them respect.
6. Be a student of the Word.
7. Seek areas where you can help to minister to the flock.
8. Let them know how much you appreciate them.
9. Speak well of them to others.
10. Strive for unity – do not be a cause of dissension in the body of Christ.
11. Think the best of them – remember most times you only have one side of the story.
12. Grow in your love for the Lord and others.

Some Helpful Links:

“Pastors are under attack today in every denomination and in every country. They are attacked from within their own churches by disgruntled attendees, within their own spirits by our enemy the devil, and from without by those who don’t even attend or aren’t members of the churches pastors have the privilege and responsibility to lead.”

Your Pastor Needs YOU! – Boundless

“Imagine you’re a pastor. It feels like everyone in the church is coming to you with their agenda, yet it’s your responsibility to listen to God and lead the way He wants you to go.”
Revive Our Hearts Program – Encouraging Your Pastor
Our words have power and they can bring death or life to our relationships. Matthew Mitchell defines gossip as, “bearing bad news behind someone’s back out of a bad heart.” He gives a clearer understanding of the last phrase in that definition, “out of a bad heart” by sharing, “we gossip because our sinful hearts are attracted to bad stories like moths to a flame.”
How to Resist Gossip – Thankful Homemaker

“Be at peace among yourselves.” Don’t be contentious, don’t stir up strife. God hates it when we stir up strife, disloyalty, or contention among His people. It may happen in the church, but don’t you be a part of it. Don’t do it. Pray, ask the Lord to make you a peacemaker, and ask the Lord to show you how you can minister support and encouragement to the spiritual leaders of your church.” ~Nancy Leigh DeMoss

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  1. Kimberly Benn says:

    Thank you for sharing this Marci! It is so important that we support our pastor and show appreciation all through the year, as they “always” need it. I have witnessed how a church can turn against a pastor and his wife and dissension in be in the church destroying it. It is devastating…especially when you love them, as the flock should. I appreciate the body of Christ that we are a part of now and the way they love on our pastor, and his wife!
    Blessings, Kim

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