Favorite – Fast – Easy – Rice, Beans & Salsa Dinner

This dinner seems to fall on the menu plan almost every week.  Sometimes planned, sometimes unplanned but it is a favorite because everyone can personalize it to their taste buds.

I always have beans in the freezer ready to go and my rice cooker is one of my favorite kitchen tools.  It is not a necessity but it does make cooking rice as easy as pressing a button and walking away.

Rice, Beans and Salsa Bowls

Main Ingredients: 
Cooked beans – (you can use canned, we usually grab some from the freezer and heat them up. Black beans are usually our pick here.)
Rice – (we are brown rice lovers here)

Sour Cream
Peppers – (my boys are hot pepper lovers)
Guacamole – (I cut it fresh in chunks on top)
Tortillas – (we just eat them on the side)
Tortilla Chips
Extra Salsa for chips
Favorite hot sauce to spice it up 🙂

We just layer rice, beans, and salsa in individual bowls and add whatever toppings of our choosing.



What would you add to this?  Do you have a favorite emergency dinner for your family?


  1. I have a very similar go to recipe for this however I like the fact that it’s a meatless option. We call ours ooey gooey mexican chicken. Thanks for sharing!

  2. That actually sounds really good! I just cooked a pot of kidney beans because I’m planning on making chili tonight. But I’ll have to keep some of them aside for a meal like this next week! Thanks! 🙂

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