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Homemaking Binder Series: Detailed Cleaning Checklists for Master Bedroom, Master Bathroom & Basement

Homemaking Binder Series: Detailed Cleaning Checklists for Master Bedroom, Master Bathroom & Basement. @mferrell


We are almost to the end of the detailed cleaning checklists. There is one more Zone to cover and then I will move on to some other lists that are in my Homemaking Binder.

This is the fourth post in the series and you can find all the posts in this series here. If you’re new to the series I encourage you to read the Introductory Post when you get a moment.

In today’s post, I’m covering Zone 3 and it includes The Master Bedroom, Master Bathroom & Basement.

I enjoy taking the time to clean my bedroom and bathroom. It is a time I take to declutter, organize and determine if I can rearrange the furniture in the room. I like to give my bedside table some new reading material if needed and make sure I stock up on supplies in the bathroom.

Our basement is finished and we like to watch movies downstairs, play pool, and our treadmill is down there. When our kids were little they spent a lot of time downstairs as our toy room is down there. I still have some toys but my grandbabies are small so we do most of the playing upstairs in our family room. The toy storage closet will probably always have some toys but has accumulated some storage for other items. I use it now as a gift closet and storage for my pro-life ministry materials.

You can find a PDF Printable of this list in The Ultimate Homemaking Binder here. 

Homemaking Binder

Detailed Cleaning List for Zone 4:

Master Bedroom:


Dust furniture

Straighten items on dressers

Organize drawers (at least two)

Straighten & dust bookcases

Clean under bed

Dust baseboards

Dust light fixtures & ceiling fan

Clean inside windows & dust blinds

Vacuum curtains

Mirrors cleaned

Switchplates and doors cleaned

Straighten closet & vacuum

Wash any bedding as needed

Organize bedside tables

Vacuum under dressers if needed

Vacuum room


Master Bathroom:


Toilet Cleaned

Countertops cleaned

Clean whirlpool deck & tub

Clean shower and tidy toiletries

Organize drawers & cupboards

Polish cabinets

Wipe mirrors

Clean window, blind, & vacuum curtain

Wipe baseboards

Dust all pictures

Refill soap dispensers as needed

Vacuum floor and wash rugs

Clean fan vent

Put out fresh towels

Mop floor



Declutter & straighten

Dust all areas

Clean bathroom as needed

Vacuum & wash bathroom floor

Wipe switchplates

Clean inside windows & blinds

Vacuum furniture

Straighten toy closet, bookshelves, DVD’s & video game areas

Clean out fridge and wipe shelves

Dust baseboards

Vacuum whole basement (storage areas too)

Vacuum steps

Mop wood floor

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