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Jesus is the Center

A simple title – Jesus is the Center – and a basic theological point we all know as Christians but the question I’m asking myself today, and I hope you will ask yourself too is, “do we really live our lives with Jesus at the center?”

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How many times throughout the day do things like my selfishness, pride, self-centeredness, busyness and a myriad of other obstacles and sins get the focus of my heart and mind off of Christ and onto myself?

I have lived a good majority of my life missing Jesus as a non-believer and sadly even being a Christian for many years,  I still miss Him and don’t live life in the fullness and joy and love of my beautiful Savior.

“Sometimes we miss Jesus because we miss the completeness of what we have in Him.”
~ Janet Morris – Missing Jesus

Please come and visit me at Haven Today where I had the joy and honor of sharing with Charles & Janet Morris my testimony on what the Lord has done and continues to do in my life. Their radio program is a haven of rest for the weary traveler, and their focus is to point us to Christ – It’s not all about us.

Sweet friends, please come grab your cup of coffee (or tea) and sit and listen as I share the work of the Lord in my life and I pray it will encourage you not to miss Him but to keep your eyes on Him – He is the only one worthy of all our praise. May we be reminded that we have full rest if we are in Christ – “It is finished.”

“We’re like the solar system without the sun. The sun is so massive it can hold all the planets in their orbits, but we’re not the sun. We simply don’t have the gravity to hold our lives together even when we expend a lot of effort trying. What we need is the good news of Jesus Christ, the good news that we can look outside ourselves at last because God has provided everything we need in Jesus. God has sent his glorious Son into the world to be everything for us, to be the center of our lives, to draw us into fellowship with the living God. And it’s all by grace.” ~ Charles & Janet Morris – Missing Jesus

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  1. Jacqueline says:

    I praise the Lord for what He has done and is still doing in your life now! He is able to do far more than we can ever ask or imagine! Hugs!

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