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EP 41: Getting Back into a Homemaking Routine after Summer


Are you struggling with getting back into a routine after the summer months?

Are you struggling with getting back into a routine after the summer months? For us, our summer months are a bit more spontaneous and flexible, so I’m out of a daily routine quite often.

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Summer brings a sense of unpredictable days to our homes. We don’t always have a regular schedule, and we’re on the go or outside more than usual, so we may find our inside tasks take a back seat, and our normal routine schedule doesn’t happen as often as it does in the fall, winter, and even spring seasons.

I’m not sure why this is because I’m not even dealing with kids in school anymore, but it seems to be a rhythm in my life this season.

I love to be open to spontaneous adventures and not get caught up in what needs to be done at home because I’ve learned over the years—the reality is—it always gets done.

I still get things accomplished in the summer, and my home is still running pretty smooth—it’s not a total disaster, but I have to share—I honestly miss the regular routines I’m used to. I am a creature of habit. I don’t find myself deep cleaning or de-cluttering or overly organizing anything. For some reason, I tend to drift towards those chores in the fall and winter months.

So listen in as we talk about what it looks like on getting back into a routine after summer.

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