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EP 1: Taming Our Tongues

Our tongues can get us into so much trouble. We tend to have many words. Many times we're not careful with our words and say things that are slanderous, or gossip or sadly at times even malicious. @thankfulhomemaker


“As a result of grace, we have been saved from sin’s penalty. One day we will be saved from sin’s presence. In the meantime, we are being saved from sin’s power.”

~ Alistair Begg

On this {first} podcast episode of Thankful Homemaker, we’re talking about how our tongues can get us into so much trouble. We tend to have many words. Many times we’re not careful with our words and say things that are slanderous, or gossip, or sadly at times even malicious. This should not be for women who love the Lord and are loved and known by Him. Let’s encourage each other today to speak words that glorify and honor the Lord.

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Show Notes:

This statement it made about Sarah in regards to our tongues is impactful to ponder about how we use our tongues and I want to start our time today with this statement:

“Sarah made it her rule to speak well of all so far as she could, with truth and justice to herself and others. She was not prone to dwell with delight on the imperfections and failings of any, and when she heard other people speaking ill of others, she would say what she thought she could with truth and justice in their excuse or divert the slander by mentioning those things that were commendable in them.

Thus, Sarah was careful of everyone’s character, even of those who injured and spoke evil of her. She could bear injuries and reproach with great calmness, without any disposition to render evil for evil, but on the contrary, she was ready to pity and forgive those who appeared to be her enemies.”

In other words, if she heard somebody saying something unkind about someone else, she would try and change the conversation or divert it or say something encouraging about that person.

Pause, Think & Pray:

  1. Is this the time to say this?
  2. Am I the person to say this?
  3. Is it kind?
  4. Is it necessary?
  5. Is it true?
  6. Do I need to say this?

“Think how small these things will seem when you’ve stepped into eternity. Death will quiet us shortly. Let grace quiet us now.”

~ Matthew Henry

Some good questions to be mindful to ask ourselves if we’re the ones about to speak about another person are, “Would I mind if the person I’m talking about were standing right here?” and “Would I be willing to say it to their face?”

Questions to ponder from Jen Wilkin’s study on James Week 7:

  1. Where can you stop speaking words of destruction? What relationship most needs that from you? How are you going to remind yourself?
  2. Where can you begin speaking words that create this week? Who most needs you to speak encouragement to them?

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James Online Bible Study by Jen Wilkin






  1. Elisabeth M. says:

    What a much needed lesson about the tongue! Thank you!

  2. Elisabeth says:

    Thank you, thank you for this podcast! It was so timely in my life. I know this truth in my head, but this helps make it practical to apply. I especially was blessed by the quote about Sarah Edwards.

  3. Nancy Nuzzolo says:

    I enjoyed this very much. Many words of wisdom thank you!
    Look forward to the next one

  4. Thank you, Marci, for this wonderful, biblical teaching. <3

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