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Tomatoes in a Vinaigrette with Feta Cheese

We have enjoyed a fresh, healthy way to eat up all those fresh tomatoes that summer gardens and farmers markets will be producing this summer. Sliced fresh tomatoes with a balsamic vinaigerette and crumbled feta cheese.

Here’s the recipe:

Tomatoes in a Vinaigrette with Feta Cheese

Tomato slices
Red onion slices

To make the balsamic vinagerette:
1/2 cup Balsamic Vinegar
1/2 cup Olive Oil
2 fresh cloves of garlic minced
pinch of sea salt and pepper

Mix together and set aside
(you will have extra dressing to use on sauteed grilled vegetables or for your salad – you can also half the recipe if you don’t want leftovers)

Slice at least three tomatoes to whatever thickness you would like. Place in a shallow dish (I use a shallow pie pan), add onions, capers and whatever else you would like in it. Pour dressing over until you think it’s enough and top with crumbled feta to your liking. I make it fresh and serve it immediately – we are not soggy tomato lovers.




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  1. Far Above Rubies says:

    Excellent recipe. Thank you so much for sharing. I love tomatoes – this will be wonderful.


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