Looking Ahead to 2015 on the Blog and the Top Ten Viewed Posts from 2014

This little home on the web started in 2011 and I am still trying to figure out this blog thing.  One thing I can share is I love blogging.  It gives me a place to share all the Lord is teaching me, things He has already taught me and reminds me how much more I have to learn.

I love blogging about being a wife, mother and homemaker.  It is my God given career and I love it!  My goal at Thankful Homemaker has always been to share and encourage other women to embrace where the Lord has them and to continue to be learners.

As I look forward to next year I want to share with you some fun things in store for you here at my little home on the web.

My big excitement is Mindy, from Simply Designs is working on a makeover for my blog and I’m moving over to WordPress.org.  I am hoping to beautify and simplify my design to make it easier for you my readers to navigate through my various posts and series.  I’m still keeping a warm homey feel to the blog because I want you to feel like you are entering my home with a warm beverage, candle lit and we’re sitting together at my kitchen table.  I don’t have an official date when it will all take place but it is in progress and I’m excited for the new look.   Should be very soon!

The Homemaking 101 Series is still a top viewed area on the blog and I’m going to continue the series and hope to get a post up every month to encourage us in various areas of home keeping.
If you have suggestions on areas you need help or encouragement in, please leave me a comment below or contact me through the blog.

The Baby Steps to Healthy Living Series is one I’m looking forward to moving forward on because it is an area I am ready to get good at and be consistent with here in my own home.  I want to take good care of my and my family’s physical health and having the accountability with my blogging community will be a good aid in helping me to accomplish that.  We have started a group on Facebook for those ladies that would like more accountability in this area so please request to join us at the Baby Steps to Healthy Living Facebook Group.  

I have been doing much research and reading to get the series going and I’m looking forward to sharing with you over the next few months as we do this together!  I encourage you to sign-up as an email subscriber that way you don’t miss a post in the series and they will wait patiently for you in your email box until you can get to them.  You can do that here.

Studying God’s Word is a top priority in my life and this year our ladies at church are working through the book of James together so every month I’m going to share what the Lord is teaching me and give you links so you can study along with us each month.

It is always fun to look back and see what the top posts for the year were, so without further delay:

The Top Ten Viewed Posts at Thankful Homemaker from 2014:

1. Birthday Prayer for My Husbandthis post gets the most hits from Google searches on the blog.
2.  Where to Begin When You’re Overwhelmed – This one seems to resonate with so many women today.  
3.  How Well Do You Manage Your Home – I like to refer to this one as my “ranting” post.  Take a moment to read this one if you haven’t yet.  I read it often myself to give myself that reminder of the job I am called to do.  
4.  The Joy of a Morning Routine – I love my morning and evening routines and obviously others love routine too.
5.  My Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Tasks – I love looking at examples of how others manage their days so this post resonates well with most of us women.  
6.  My Abortion Story & Why I Sidewalk Counsel at Abortuaries – This one is always a top viewed post almost monthly and I hope it brings healing to many women in Christ who have had abortions in their past.  If you get a moment you can listen to my testimony on the radio at Haven Today.  
7.  10 Simple Habits to Having and {almost} Always Clean Home – This one is a must read and one that most older ladies in my generation have learned over the years.  Take the advice of this article young mama’s. 
8.  Deep Cleaning Your Bathroom – This post has been my top one on Pinterest.  We obviously all have obsessions with cleaning ;).
9.  How Respectful Are You to Your Husband? – I’m going to re-read this one again myself.  
10.  Getting Dressed – We stay at home moms obviously deal with this issue. Come take a read and be encouraged with this one again.  
My Favorite Posts from the Blog:

In Closing:

Do you have a favorite post from Thankful Homemaker?  Are there items you would like to see me write about over the next year?  Please share with us in this little community in the comments below. 
Thank you my friends for your support and encouragement to me.  I am going to keep reading, learning and writing what the Lord is teaching me and I hope we can continue on in 2015 to “spur one another on to love and good deeds
Much love,

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