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5 Minute Bathroom Tidy

5 Minute Bathroom Tidy

I clean my bathroom every day – yep, you heard me – every day – but it only takes me 5 minutes. This is not a deep clean but a daily tidy. Here is my quick checklist to keep my bathroom looking company-ready all the time.

Supplies Needed:

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  • Squirt toilet cleaner in the toilet bowl squish with a toilet brush and let sit while you’re showering.
  • After showering squeegee the walls down and tidy the shower supplies.
  • Make sure all towels are hung in their proper place.
  • Give the toilet a final swish and grab some toilet paper, squirt with window cleaner and wipe the seat and sides down – flush the paper. You can use a paper towel if you prefer but a few sheets of toilet paper does the trick.
  • Wipe the mirror down with window cleaner and paper towels. Give the counters a squirt and wipe. (Glass cleaning rags are a favorite for this chore, I keep them on hooks inside of the cupboard and wash them with my towels.)
  • Put items you use away and your clothes in the hamper or put away.

5 minutes tops to do all the above and have a clean bathroom for your family, yourself or company every day

Favorite Supplies:

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  1. Steve Smith says:

    Bathroom cleaning should be done on a daily basis. But the tricks you suggested make it easier for anyone to do it.

  2. maria smith says:

    Great tips to keep the bathroom nice! I feel like a regular cleaning service every day!

  3. Chimney Sweep Portland says:

    Thanks for a nice read, really made my day! More power to your blog.

  4. Judith Anne says:

    I do this everyday (and some think I am crazy, lol) but it is so easy. I think my family deserves a clean bathroom!! Your posts on cleaning and organizing the bathroom are helpful and encouraging.

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