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Simple Iced Vanilla Latte

We have had quite a bit of fun trying to make our own barista style coffee drinks at home and this Iced Vanilla Latte has become a favorite for anytime of the year.

I did buy Starbucks Iced Coffee this time but usually make a batch of iced coffee to have on hand with the easy recipe below.

With only four ingredients and all real food items – it’s almost a healthy drink – or maybe a healthy treat.

Here’s the simple recipe and you can change your sweetener to sugar, stevia or honey too.

Iced Vanilla Latte

3/4 cup iced coffee*
1/4 cup half and half creamer (heavy whipping cream is yummy too)
1/2 t vanilla
1 T maple syrup

Pour over a glass filled with ice and enjoy!

*I have also cheated when I don’t have iced coffee on hand but use a Starbucks instant coffee packet (or any instant coffee brand) dissolved in a bit of hot water and then fill the rest up with cold water. It works well in a pinch.

Easy Iced Coffee Recipe

This is the cold brew method and you can double it but it makes two cups of iced coffee.

1/4 cup ground coffee
1 cup cold water

Place in a container and let it sit overnight on the counter

In the morning add one more cup of cold water and I use our french press to strain out the grounds. Store the cold brewed coffee in the fridge for up to two weeks.

I did recently purchase the Toddy Cold Brew Coffee System and love it. It makes a larger quantity and comes with a handy container to store it in the fridge.

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  1. Nathana Clay says:

    You had me at Vanilla Latte! I make a similar kind, though I haven’t made it in awhile (this inspired me to do it again)! I save leftover coffee in the fridge when I do not want to pour it out. I then add either milk, half n’ half and sugar. I have maple syrup, but have not tried that yet! Great idea. I often will add flavored creamer, but the REAL kind made out of cream, milk, vanilla, sugar, not the oily stuff. I think the brand I buy is called Simply something. . . I need to buy it again! 🙂

  2. Yum! I am going to bookmark this 🙂 Thanks for sharing mom <3


  3. I’m pretty new to coffee in other forms than traditional so when you say iced coffee do you mean coffee you’ve allowed to cool? *blush*

    1. Marci Ferrell says:

      Theresa – it is a cold brew coffee which means you don’t use heated water to brew it. There are many benefits but the overall big one is it tastes better than brewing coffee and letting it cool. Supposedly there is less acid and less caffeine – I just do it this way because of the taste. It also is hard to brew hot coffee and just pour it over ice because then it just gets all diluted. You can definitely brew coffee normal and refrigerate it and see what you think. It still is a huge savings over buying it at a coffee shop :). Hoping that helps.

  4. The Retro Homemaker says:

    I just had the iced vanilla latte and it was delicious! Thanks!

    1. Marci Ferrell says:

      You are so welcome – thanks for stopping by to share too! 🙂

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