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Homemaking Binder Series: Detailed Cleaning Checklists for Bedrooms, Bathrooms & Home Office

Homemaking Binder Series:Detailed Cleaning Checklists for: Bedrooms, Bathrooms & Home Office. @mferrell

We are continuing on in the series of making up a simple Homemaking Binder for the care of our homes. This is the third post in the series and you can find the first post here and the second here.  Here is a link to the whole series so you can easily keep checking back for new posts (or you can subscribe to the blog on the sidebar and snatch a free eBook as a great benefit and never miss a post!)

In today’s post, I’m covering Zone 3 and it includes Half Bath, Kids Bedrooms, Guest Bedroom, Kids Bathroom, and the Home Office.

This list seems long but the rooms covered are some in my home that doesn’t get too messy or are taken care of by other family members. Our office and guest room are quick to clean and my children take care of their own rooms and bathroom. This is a great list to go through with your kids to teach them to clean on their own.  The checklist concept makes it easy for them to follow. (See Teaching Our Daughters to Clean a Home)

You can find a PDF printable of this list in The Ultimate Homemaking Binder. 

Homemaking Binder

Detailed Cleaning List for Zone 3:

Half Bathroom:

Clean toilet

Wipe down counter

Tidy cupboards and restock items

Wipe down mirror

Clean light fixture and switchplates

Change hand towel

Wipeout garbage can

Vacuum rug and floor

Wash floor

Clean out magazine basket

Dust all pictures


Kids Bathroom:

Declutter and get rid of unused items

Wash area rugs & shower curtain

Clean tub & organize toiletries

Clean toilet

Clean fan vent in the ceiling

Wipe down countertop & toothbrush holder

Straighten drawers, cabinets & countertop

Check supplies needed to refill

Clean light fixture & switchplates

Clean windowsill and wash inside window

Vacuum window curtain

Vacuum floor

Wipe down baseboards

Wash floor

Fresh towels out

Clean garbage can


Guest Bedroom:

Straighten and declutter

Dust furniture and baseboards

Change bedding as needed

Clean window and windowsill

Change books to read on the nightstand

Vacuum curtain

Vacuum room


Kids Bedrooms:


Straighten drawers & closets

Dust furniture & ceiling fan

Clean windows & dust windowsills

Clean window blind and vacuum valance

Straighten under bed

Tidy bookshelves

Tidy area by the bedside for nightly reading

Dust baseboards

Wipe down doors and switch plates

Clean mirrors

Wash bedding as needed



Home Office:

Straighten & declutter

Empty garbage

Straighten supply closet

Dust all furniture

Wipe windows and windowsills

Clean blinds

Dust all light fixtures & ceiling fan

Wipe down all pictures

Dust doors and glass on French door

Wipe switchplates


Mop floor

Check supplies and make a restock list.

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  1. I just discovered your site and feel a great sense of relief to see the schedule clearly laid out in a way that is quick and easy to comprehend.
    Your writing voice is also clear and encouraging, you’re one of us, sharing how you’ve laid out a great system to work according to your personality and lifestyle.
    Thank you!
    With kind regards,

  2. This is really a wonderful series. Everything is so well planned out. I especially love your homemaking binder 🙂

    1. Marci Ferrell says:

      Thank you Kimberly :). I so appreciate you popping in to encourage me. Have a beautiful weekend xoxo.

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