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Top 10 Articles & Podcasts of 2018

My main reason for blogging is to continue to share with others what the Lord is teaching me in my various roles He has called me to as a Christian woman, wife, mother and now grandmother. @mferrell

The end of the year is always a time I review here at the blog and determine what my schedule looks like for next year. It’s fun for me to see what the top read posts and listened to podcasts were from the last year. It’s been a good help in determining what type of content my readers are interested in.

I’m just so thankful for every one of you and have been grateful for your support and friendships over many years here at the blog now. I started this blog in 2010 by the encouragement of my daughter and the posts then we’re very simple, and my technology knowledge was extremely limited, but I’m learning little by little and have been thankful to be able to move from blogger to WordPress and launch a podcast.

My main reason for blogging is to continue to share with others what the Lord is teaching me in my various roles He has called me to as a Christian woman, wife, mother, and grandmother. This has been good accountability for me to dig a bit deeper into my studies and I’m thankful to have these writings and podcasts to share with my grandbabies one day too.

The podcast has been well received and we are at over 156,000 downloads at the time of writing this post. Thank you so much for your reviews and for sharing it with your friends. The Marriage Series was a well listened to and read series too.

Pinterest is my main traffic source to the blog which I find interesting because I always imagined it being Facebook. I’m thankful for my email subscribers, and I’d love you to subscribe to the blog if you don’t – you can do that here. I have a few freebies for my email subscribers (you can find them at the bottom of every post you receive by email).

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You can also spend time with us in the Facebook group where we discuss various topics each day of the week and pray for one another too.

I’m still trying to determine what my content looks like for next year. I’ve tried to put out a podcast and a post each week, but it’s hard at times, so I’m working on possibly a different schedule. I have a couple of series in mind for the blog and podcast, and I’m excited about them. If you have any suggestions, I’m always open, and you can contact me here by email. If you’re on social media you can find me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest  (I’m on Twitter but still haven’t figured that one out ;)).

I have a presence on social media but I’m not on there live too often. I do utilize the help of scheduling tools in sharing my content and use SmarterQueue for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook group posts and TailWind for Pinterest and Instagram. They are my affordable Virtual Assistants as I like to call them. I have also been blessed by utilizing the help of Mediavine and those are the ads you see on my site now when you visit. It has helped me to cover the blog costs and earn a small profit.

Here are the top 10 articles and podcasts from 2018:

Top Articles of 2018:

  1. 20 Questions to Help Build Intimacy in Your Marriage 

  2. How Respectful Are You To Your Husband?

  3. Elisabeth Elliot on Hints for a Quiet Time

  4. My Top 50 Cleaning Shortcuts

  5. Starting Your Day With Jesus

  6. Cultivating a Gentle Spirit

  7. Inductive Bible Study & A Walk Through Ephesians

  8. How to be Perfectly Miserable

  9. 5 Steps to Help Remove the “Log” In Our Eye

  10. My Favorite Resources on Sex and Sexual Intimacy in Marriage

Top Podcasts from 2018:

  1. EP 33: Is Your Smartphone Changing You?

  2. EP 18: Putting on an Attitude of Love in Your Home

  3. EP 6: What Does Self-Discipline Look Like in Our Homes?

  4. EP 34: God’s Design for Our Marriages & Our Role as Women

  5. EP 35: To Love Their Husbands

  6. EP 40: Sexual Intimacy in Marriage

  7. EP 27: Planning Our Days as Homemakers

  8. EP 29: Where to Begin When You’re Overwhelmed in Caring for Your Home

  9. EP 21: Routines of the Day: Making the Most of Your Morning and Evenings

  10. EP 30: Cultivating Self-Control in Our Lives


What were some of your favorite articles or podcasts episodes here from last year?



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